About Dauberry Woodworks

Dauberry Woodworks consists of two people, Raymon van Beek and David Dixon. First starting out in Maastricht in 2017, Dauberry Woodworks was a co-effort to create unique furnitures that are durable and made of quality materials, custom made to a clients' wishes. In 2018, they moved into the Landbouwbelang cultural center in Maastricht to start a woodworking atelier. Since then they have made many custom projects in Maastricht and also expanded to a new city, Brussels. Raymon moved to Brussels in 2021 and started Dauberry Belgium. Dauberry has ateliers in both Brussels and Maastricht and are continuously active in both cities to expand their portfolio's and make unique pieces that meet the wishes of the customer. 

Take the time to fully explore their Woodworker Portfolio and get a real sense of what they can do and bring to interested clients.


Raymon van Beek

Brussels, Belgium

Working on installing a custom bookshelf