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We make furniture from reused materials 

For us, trash is treasure.

We carefully select old oak wood tables to breathe new life into them. Some of the tables we work with are already a generation old. We make sure that the table is around for another generation and does not end up at a garbage site. 

We sand the tables thoroughly and saw them straight, to freshen up the edges and give a modern look. 

At Dauberry we love hairpin legs. The minimalistic design of them and the combination of metal and wood gives our tables a beautiful aesthetic.

You can rest assured that your new table has been made in a sustainable way by reusing existing wood and lessening the need for new materials.
All of our tables are made locally by passionate craftsmen. 

Why choose a recycled table?

- You reuse wood that has already been cut down, creating less demand for new trees to be felled.

- You are supporting local craftsmanship and the local economy as the tables are produced locally. 

- The furniture is guaranteed to be good quality. We only work with solid high quality wood that is built to last generations. 

- We work with natural plant based oil (Rubio Monocoat) which gives long lasting protection, color and resistance to water. Monocoat can be easily be reapplied and maintained after years of use and it's available in many different colors. Click here to see the available palletes of monocoat. 

Another satisfied customer!

Searching for a recycled table?

Contact us via mail or our contact form on the website. We always have tables in stock in all shapes and sizes. We also regulary have tables for sale. Please check the page for sale to see the most recent tables for sale

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